How to Create Treo 600 ringtones

(Under construction... more later!)

These ringtones are just very small, simple MIDI files.

They were created using Anvil Studio MIDI editor. This is an excellent freeware MIDI editor that runs under Windows and does a great job for my purposes. Feel free to open the ringtones I created with it, and see how they're done.

Creating loud ringtones for the Treo is an artform. Changing the volume of the tracks seems to have no discernible effect-- each instrument seems to want to play at its own volume, and that's that. You can make ringtones louder by choosing instruments wisely. I'm in the process of cataloging all of the instruments and identifying which ones sound good, and at what volume.

The other trick for making loud ringtones is to use high-pitched tones. Two octaves above middle C is generally much louder than one octave above. If you double the note (play the same note in two different octaves at once), you'll get the loudest ringtones from the Treo.

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